The Kidney Foundation of the Greater Chattanooga Area is pleased to provide FREE community screenings to detect early signs of kidney disease. After seeing a rise in kidney disease in the area, our Public Education Committee created the protocol for the PEED Program. PEED stands for Providing Education & Early Detection. This program accommodates any community member wishing to be tested for kidney disease.

A PEED Screening consists of measuring height, weight, recording blood pressure, and urine sample, collected on site, will test for abnormal results and cells. Once the measurements are obtained, a health care provider will be available to discuss the results.

For more information about education, health fairs, The PEED Program, or to volunteer, please contact us. (link to contact page)


Upcoming PEED Screenings:

August 17, 2019

Location: Eastgate Town Center

Time: 9am-2pm

October 12, 2019

Location: Howard High School

Time: 11am-3pm

November 16, 2019

Location: Camp Jordan

Time: 6am-2pm