Why I Give: Jessica C.

More than 20 million Americans of all ages and races suffer from kidney and urinary tract related diseases.

With a background as a CPA; numbers were helpful in deciding whether to participate in Dare to Dance - but even more helpful was the number 100; 100% of all the donations raised for the event were to stay local in the Chattanooga area.

Dancing in Dare to Dance was an amazing experience, but even more rewarding was getting an insider’s look at the Kidney Foundation.  The staff and volunteers of the Kidney Foundation are so committed to their mission that it is truly infectious. They all work tirelessly for the goal of making sure that renal patients get the services they need. When the Kidney Foundation asked for volunteers to deliver Adopt-A-Box meals around Thanksgiving, I excitedly said yes. Adopt-a-Box provides patients with breakfast, lunch and dinner during the holiday season. Renal patients have to have a kidney-friendly diet, and the boxes are full of non-perishable, renal friendly foods!

Day in life volunteer.jpg

I received my list of who and where to deliver boxes, and I set out to deliver. My last box was to a patient named Dolores. Dolores graciously invited me into her home as a guest and talked to me like an old friend. She explained that a devastating automobile accident caused her to need dialysis. She showed me photos of her family and beamed with pride. Delores repeatedly told me how blessed she is and how she thanks God everyday for all the blessings of her life. Upon parting, she gave me an enormous hug.

Spending the afternoon with Delores made the Foundation come to life for me. I realized that although numbers are important, Delores is certainly not a number. This courageous lady is a lively, warmhearted, and gracious woman, whose life is improved by the selfless and generous donations made by contributors to the Kidney Foundation. I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to meet Delores and hope she knows what an impact she made on my life.